Lim Sung-jae is the most anticipated Korean player at the U.S. Open in the third major tournament

Lim Sung-jae is the most anticipated Korean player at the U.S. Open in the third major tournament

The most anticipated Korean player at the U.S. Open, the third major event of the 2024 season, is Lim Sung-jae. This is due to his five recent competition scores of 714.75 points, which included an equal eighth place finish in the Memorial Tournament at a special competition held last week. She is rated 15th in the FedEx Cup after placing in the top 10 four times this season.

The U.S. Open, which will be played over four days starting on the 14th (Korea time) on the second course at Pinehurst Resort & Country Club in North Carolina, has Lim Sung-jae eager to grab the lead as well. “I will continue to maintain a good atmosphere in major competitions,” stated Lim Sung-jae. “At the beginning of this season, the performance was not good due to the shaking of shots and putts, but the performance has gradually revived since last month,” he continued. “Recently, shots and putts have risen to the point where it is similar to when golf went well.”

With additional FedEx Cup points and money up for grabs from The Sentry, the Wells Fargo Championship, and the Memorial Tournament, Lim Sung-jae, who is ranked in the top 10 in a special tournament, hopes to make her way into the majors for the first time this season.

Lim Sung-jae said, “I performed well in the special competitions, but I failed to make the cut in both major competitions. I’m not greedy, but I want to show a different side this time,” he said, adding, “I’m going to focus on passing the cut on weekdays and take a strategy to raise my ranking on weekends. “I’ll do well at the U.S. Open like a special tournament,” he stressed.

The most intensive confirmation through the practice round is the green. This is because the center rises like a pot lid and the edge is low, so it is important to grasp the slope and the point where you should never go to attach the ball to the hole. Lim Sung-jae paid special attention as it flows out of the green if it is slightly shorter or longer than the target.

Lim Sung-jae said, “The green that looks like a pot lid is more tricky than you can imagine. If you make a mistake with an iron shot, the probability of making more than three putts increases, so it is important to leave an uphill putt,” he said. “Even a short putt within 1m should not be careless.” I will concentrate until I hole out and try to reduce mistakes as much as possible, he explained.


He also stressed that the idea of reducing the number of pars should be abandoned at Pinehurst Resort & Country Club, which has obstacles throughout the golf course due to its long battlefield. He said, “Of the 18 holes, there is no place that can be called a birdie hole. It’s a big success if you just catch par in all holes, he said. “It’s important to prevent a mistake by watching it when it comes out.” I like the Nan Course rather than the place where there are many birdies, but I will do my best to endure this tournament as well,” he said with a smile.

Lim Sung-jae’s superior accuracy with his iron and driving strokes sets him apart from other players on the challenging course. “I’m quite sure I can get the ball in the fairway. “I think long iron shots are also among the top ranks on the PGA Tour,” he stated. “I will be able to hit the ball more uprightly after making a few minor corrections to my takeout and backswing actions. “PGA Tour players are picky at Pinehurst Resort & Country Club, too, but I’ll watch the batting with elegant shots calmly,” he said.

He stated that he hoped to finish the season in the top 30 in the FedEx Cup rankings and participate in the Tour Championship for six straight years. He stated, “It seemed difficult to participate in this season’s Tour Championship due to poor performance until April, but I recently changed the atmosphere.”He said, “If we perform well in the U.S. Open and the Travelers Championship in special competitions, we will be able to continue our record of consecutive appearances. It has been demonstrated that the effect of constant research can help regain the feeling when things go well.” I’m going to earn a slot this season and build up FedEx Cup points progressively,” he declared.

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