5 Places to Find Blogs for Sale

5 Places to Find Blogs for Sale

You know all those blogs you’ve built over the years? The ones that have helped you make money online? Well, they’re worth something—and not just because you spent countless hours writing them. In fact, if you sell your blog for cash (or even just rent it out), there are plenty of ways to monetize it without having to spend more time building content or developing an audience. Here are five places where you can find blogs for sale:

Find Blogs for Sale in the Marketplace

  • [Blogger](https://blogger.com/)
  • [WordPress](https://wp-rte.im/rfc2616)
  • [Typepad](https://www.typepad.com/)
  • [LiveJournal](https://www.livejournal.com/) (free) or paid ($4 per month) upgrade available for premium accounts, which allow for more creative freedom and customization of your blog’s design and layout

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Connect with Other Bloggers

If you’re looking for blogs to sell, it helps to know that there are other bloggers in your niche who might be interested in selling their own blogs.

First, ask your fellow bloggers if they want to sell their blog. If they do, ask them if they know of any others who are looking to sell their sites as well. You can also ask these writers if they have a blog for sale and see if there’s anything special about the content on that particular site—for example, is it highly trafficked? Does it have unique features or unique content that would make it stand out from other sites in its industry?

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Once you find someone who seems like an ideal candidate for selling his or her blog (and remember: don’t forget about yourself!), offer him or her fair market value based on what similar-sized sites might go for on Flippa (or whatever platform you use).

Join an Affiliate Program

Joining an affiliate program is one way to make money online by promoting the products of other sites. The most popular affiliate programs are those that allow you to promote a product or service on your own website, and then earn commissions whenever someone buys something as a result of clicking through your links.

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Affiliate programs can be found on many different websites, including blogs and social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. To find these opportunities, look for keywords related to what you want to sell (for example “backlinks”). You can also ask friends or family members if they know anyone who might be interested in purchasing your services/products; this will help narrow down the search results even further!

Submit to Affiliate Programs Directly

  • Find affiliate programs that match your blog’s content.
  • Submit to the affiliate program, and get paid if a sale is made by that company.

Sell your own Online Store

Selling your own products is a great way to build a business and generate passive income. However, selling other people’s products is not going to make you rich. You can sell blog posts or eBooks that have already been written on the internet, but it will be difficult for you to make money this way because there are many competitors who offer similar services as yours.

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If you want to start an online store where people can purchase products from you (or even just get information), then it makes sense that the best place for sellers like yourself is Amazon FBA aka Fulfillment by Amazon

You can find blogs for sale.

  • You can find blogs for sale.
  • You can even sell your own blog, or an online store.
  • You can join an affiliate program (this is the best way to make money off of blogging) and connect with other bloggers who are also selling their sites and products.

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So there you have it! The best places to find blogs for sale. Now go out there and start making some money!

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