The cloud backlash has begun: Why big data is pulling compute back on premises

The cloud backlash has begun Why big data is pulling compute back on premises

For years, we’ve been told that big data was the future. The best way to predict the future is to invent it, right? Well, for some time now, people have been predicting that big data would take over everything from our personal lives to our work environments. But what if I told you that things might be changing a bit? That big data might not be as important as we once thought? And even more surprising: What if I told you that maybe it’s actually slowing down our progress towards creating better products and services? If these questions sound crazy – well… yes! But let me explain why this might all be true…

The cloud backlash has begun

The cloud backlash has begun, and it’s a sign of the times. The cloud backlash is a sign of the future. It’s also a sign of the past—a symbol that big data is pulling compute back onto premises again. Why big data is pulling compute back on premises?  Big data is a big deal. It’s not going anywhere, and it’s not a fad or passing trend. In fact, big data is here to stay—it’ll be around for years to come.

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A lot of people think that big data is just another buzzword thrown around by marketers trying to attract attention and get their product sold at the expense of others who want what they have. But there are plenty of reasons why big data will continue its reign as king over various fields outside of IT:

cloud backlash a smarter, faster, better data centre

The cloud backlash has begun. While the cloud is still going strong, it’s facing a growing number of challenges that are pulling compute back on premises. The first problem is around speed—and it’s important to understand how fast your data center can process information with the tools you use today. You may be surprised at how much faster your existing infrastructure could be if you used some of these new technologies in place of old ways of thinking about computing power.

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Why big data isn’t going anywhere?

Big data is a big deal. It’s not going away, and it won’t be replaced with something else. If you haven’t heard the term yet, big data refers to the collection of data that are so large, complex and/or changing rapidly that traditional processing methods can’t keep up with them (and many companies have been left behind). The concept has been around for decades, but has become more important in recent years due to advances in technology such as wireless networks, mobile devices and social media platforms.

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If you are planning on doing big data in the cloud, it is time to start talking with your provider and make sure they have a solution that will fit your needs. The days of being able to offload all my compute needs from the cloud are long gone, but I haven’t given up on it yet!

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