The Essential Features of PHP Web Development Platform You Must Know

The Essential Features of PHP Web Development Platform You Must Know

The most commonly-known web programming language is PHP ( my-php ), which is a widely used, highly developer-friendly, general purpose scripting language. If you are interested in web development or working as a web developer and want to apply for an entry level position or internship in this field, you must get to know the essential features of a good PHP support platform.

PHP Web Development Platform

The technical explanations found here will introduce you to new concepts and provide insight into how certain features work internally. The application examples have been added later on during writing this book because they were intended to support the given explanations in some way or the other.

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Software developers are multitalented professionals: they can design systems and programs, write code, test and debug, maintain software and document it. They must master a wide range of skills to be able to work in this field. They need expertise on different programming languages as one developer might not be skilled enough in all of them.

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This post aims at covering the essential features that every professional PHP web developer needs to know about working with PHP as a web development platform. Originally this article was conceptualised as a blog post with short examples but due to its size ( ~6k words) we decided that it should rather be a book-length article.

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According to me, the basic requirements for any web development platform are as follows;

  • A good PHP support application that can be integrated with other programs such as WordPress using its plugins.
  • A website that constantly looks fresh and updated.
  • An easy-to-use Easy Web Developer tool.
  • A comprehensive manual with step by step explanation of how they work.
  • A great “Frequently Asked Questions” page where people can post questions related to your product/service/application. An effective blog that regularly publishes articles on new information about your product/service/application.

A customer service department where someone can easily find contact details for your company and make queries about your products/services/application’s functionality and usage process.

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