Why is Laravel Framework Best for PHP Web Development?

Why is Laravel Framework Best for PHP Web Development

Laravel is a web framework that was born out of the desire to create an elegant, modern, and powerful framework. It has everything you need to build a complete application: routing, sessions, authentication and authorization mechanisms all in one place.

Laravel Framework Open Source

Open source means that the code is available to everyone, and not just a few people in the company. This means that you can see the code and make changes yourself. It also means that there is a community of developers working on the same project, so if you need help with something (like how to fix an error message), you can find out what other people around you are doing in order for them to help guide your efforts.

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Open source projects are great learning resources because they allow anyone from beginners who have never written any PHP before through professionals like myself or even companies who use Laravel for their web applications every day!

Easy to Learn

Laravel is an easy framework to learn. It’s not hard to get started with Laravel and its features are simple to understand, which makes it a great choice for beginners. If you want your next project to be successful, then learning how to use Laravel will make it much easier than if you were working with another language or framework.

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Laravel also provides an excellent user experience when working on projects as well as debugging errors that may occur during development time. The code itself is written in PHP which means there are no special syntax rules required when writing code within the framework itself.

However there are some features such as fluent interfaces (which allow developers  to call methods directly), closures (which allow developers  to write closures without needing additional classes), etc., but these aren’t necessary for most applications anyway!

Secure and Reliable

Laravel is secure and reliable. Its security features include:

  • Authentication with a variety of authentication methods, including social networks like Facebook, Google and Twitter.
  • Authorization with a variety of authorization methods, including roles and permissions.

Extensible and Customizable

Laravel is built on top of the Symfony components. In this way, you can extend Laravel with plugins and write your own extensions. The biggest benefit for a developer is that this framework allows you to customize it by changing some of its core files. This gives you more freedom when it comes to building an application or website as compared to other PHP frameworks out there like Zend Framework or Codeigniter (which is based on Yii).

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Fast Loading Times

If a website is slow, it can be frustrating for visitors and lead to lower bounce rates. A slow website will also make it hard for your visitors to find what they’re looking for on the first page of results. Laravel has been designed with speed in mind so that you can minimize page load times while still providing the best possible user experience.

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The framework’s caching capabilities mean there are fewer AJAX requests made throughout your application, making pages load faster overall. This includes optimizing images and reducing unnecessary database queries as well as minifying CSS, JavaScript files, etcetera so that everything gets loaded as quickly as possible!

Flexible, Elegant and Integrated Code-Base

  • The codebase is easy to understand and maintain.
  • The codebase is well organized, documented and flexible.
  • It can be extended easily by adding new modules/features or modifying existing ones as per your need.
  • It’s elegant and readable with clean code structure which makes it easier for developers to understand the inner working of any given project without having any prior knowledge about Laravel Framework or its components (Mvc).

Laravel has everything you need for web development.

Laravel is a great framework for web development. It has everything you need to build a complete website from scratch, including authentication, user management, sessions and much more.

It’s also easy to learn and use because it comes with built-in components like Blade templating engine which makes your code easy to read without having to write any HTML or CSS.

Laravel offers secure web applications by default through its use of encryption for data transmission between client browser and server (HTTP). This means that when you view someone else’s website on their device via the internet browser they will not be able to see what you are sending out over there so they can’t steal information from your site! In addition it also provides an array of built-in security features like CSRF prevention along with basic authentication methods such as password hashes stored locally within each request object so no need for cookies anymore!


Laravel is a great choice for any web developer. It’s easy to learn and use, but it offers so much more than just PHP. It has the best support in the PHP community, which means you can always find help if you need it. You’ll also get an event-driven framework with built-in tools like ORM and dependency injection that make building websites easier than ever before!

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