What is difference between POP and POS?

What is difference between POP and POS

Even if you simply have a passing familiarity with the retail and design industries, you have definitely heard people discuss POP and POS. But what do the acronyms actually mean, and how are the two ideas different? Continue reading to find out more about these promotional tools that, because of their adaptability and ability to attract customers’ attention, have become a mainstay of advertising for a variety of businesses.

A Matter of Location

“Point of Purchase (POP) and Point of Sale (POS) are marketing tools designed to prompt customers to make a purchase or engage with a product. POP displays are placed near the item it promotes, while POS displays are positioned where the transaction occurs, such as the checkout counter. For instance, a POP display for a candy bar may be in the candy aisle, while a POS display is near the cash register. It’s important to note that POS can also refer to a credit card terminal, so it’s crucial to understand the context of the term.”

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When to Use POP? When to use POS?

Here are the steps to follow when deciding between POP and POS displays to promote your products:

Step 1: Determine your product quantity and sales promotion needs

  • If you have larger quantities of products, consider using POP displays.
  • Use POP displays for temporary sales or special promotions.
  • Push different packaging versions of the same product using POP displays.

Step 2: Consider the type of product you are selling

  • Use POS displays for smaller products.
  • Use POS displays for single-packaged products.
  • Use POS displays for last-minute buys.

Remember that the location and function of displays inside a store differentiate between POP and POS displays. While both options can increase sales and brand awareness, each option has its unique benefits.

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