Top 5 JavaScript Development Companies in the USA

Top 5 JavaScript Development Companies in the USA

As a developer, you should be aware that JavaScript development is a booming market. The demand for JavaScript developers has increased dramatically, with an average salary of $95,000 per year as of 2019. If you want to get into this lucrative field, it’s important to know how to choose the best JavaScript company for your project. In this article we will discuss five companies which specialize in developing websites and web applications with JavaScript language: Code Here, Simply Code Digital Product Ideas CodeGenius Farata Solutions

1. Code Here

Code Here is a leading web development company in the United States. They provide end to end web development services, including custom front-end and back-end frameworks, mobile apps and websites. Their team of experienced developers and designers have worked on projects for Fortune 500 companies like IBM, HP and Paypal.

The company was founded by Vivek Singh who had an idea to create a platform where people can code online using their laptops or smartphones without any prior knowledge about programming languages like JavaScript or Python.* This led him to build Code Here which later became one of the best JavaScript Development Company in USA.*

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2. Simply Code

Simply Code is a full-service software development company that specializes in custom web and mobile applications. We have been providing top-quality software development services for over 20 years. Simply Code has been delivering robust, high-performance, cost-effective solutions to our clients across multiple industries including banking, finance, retail and healthcare. Our dedication to client satisfaction drives us to provide outstanding value through our unique approach to every project – from inception through post-launch support. Our team consists of seasoned professionals who are passionate about developing quality code that adds value for our clients’ businesses and their users.

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3. DigitalProductIdeas

DigitalProductIdeas is a full stack software development company that offers services in web applications, mobile apps and desktop apps. They have experience in developing web applications like e-commerce stores, online banking systems and enterprise applications. Digital Product Ideas has a team of highly skilled developers who are experts in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3 and other web technologies such as AngularJS or ReactJS.

The company also provides services for IoT devices such as smart watches & fitness monitors etc., which can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi networks or cellular networks depending upon the needs of clients involved in this business venture (e-commerce companies).

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4. CodeGenius

  • CodeGenius

CodeGenius is a software development company that provides web and mobile app development services to clients across different industries around the world. Founded in 2004, this leading American software provider has been offering its services for more than 15 years now, helping businesses from small startups to large corporations.

The company’s diverse portfolio includes everything from e-commerce to enterprise applications on both iOS and Android platforms as well as iOS apps using Objective C language; they also offer full stack outsourcing solutions that include back-end as well as front-end development workflows.

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CodeGenius’s team consists of experienced developers who have worked together with other companies in order to establish their own reputation among top talent agencies such as Upwork or Freelancer Incubator Programmers Guild (FIPG), where they were able to gain experience while working on projects like Facebook Live video streaming app LiveRail Studio – LiveRail Studio was developed by Facebook Creative Labs under supervision of Head Product Manager David Fischer who also works there today along with other creatives such as Kevin Systrom, founder & CEO Instagram Inc., Mike Matas (CEO Summation LLC) among others.

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5. Farata Solutions

Farata Solutions is an offshore software development company that provides software development services to clients worldwide. Farata Solutions is a leading offshore software development company. Farata Solutions has served various customers across the globe in various industries such as retail, finance and banking, healthcare, education and many more.

The company also provides services in various programming languages like Java, Python etc., which are widely used by clients across the globe for developing web based applications & websites on top of those languages such as HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript etc..

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Choose the best JavaScript Development Company for your project

Choosing the right JavaScript development company is a big decision.

You should consider several factors when choosing your JavaScript development company:

  • Experience in the field. You want to make sure that they have experience in what they do, so look for a company with many years of experience and good reviews online.
  • Reputation. If you’re going to work with someone new, it’s important that they have an excellent reputation among their peers and clients alike because if we don’t trust them then we won’t be able to give them our money!
  • Location close enough for you (if not near by) but still remote enough where there isn’t too much traffic or other distractions from home life during working hours (so no need for constant phone calls). We all have busy schedules these days anyway so being able to get something done on time without having delays due being stuck somewhere else makes all the difference 🙂


We are confident that one of the top JavaScript Development Companies will be a great fit for your project. However, if you don’t find the right company to work with, we recommend contacting several companies before making a decision. Each company has different strengths and weaknesses and it’s important to know what type of experience you want from your new partner.

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